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Attends Pull-Ons with Leak Guards

Attends Pullup Attends Pull-Ons offer excellent leakage protection at an affordable price. They have the added feature of soft standing leak guards in the leg openings to provide additional security. The soft, stretchy waistband allows then to be pulled on and off like regular underwear, while the tear-away side panels allow then to be removed quickly for easy cleanup. Since they are plain white and very quiet, they are discreet under clothing.

Medium (34" to 44" waist/hips)
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APP0720 - Attends Pull-Ons()()Package of 20$16.95
Case of 80$59.95

Large (44" to 58" waist)

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APP0730 - Attends Pull-Ons()()Package of 18$16.95
Case of 72$59.95

Extra-Large (58" to 68" waist)

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APP0740 - Attends Pull-Ons()()Package of 14$16.95
Case of 56$59.95

Protection Plus Pullups - Discontinued see below:

After a number of years as our mid-range pull-up, we have decided to discontinue the Protection Plus range and replace it with the new Seni Active Pull-ups. Advantages of the Seni Pull-ups over protection plus are:
  • Greater Absorbency
  • Better elastic at the waist
  • Much softer outer cover
  • Lower cost overall (Over 10% lower per-piece cost on size Large)
Please take a look at the full Seni range here: Seni Active Pullups

Dry Time Pullup
Dry-Time Youth Pullup Similar to above, but for children 70-120 lbs. (up to approximately 25" waist)

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Dry-Time Pullup (youth)()()Package of 13$18.95
Case of 52$75.95