Best Adult Diapers for Managing Fecal Incontinence

Best Adult Diapers for Managing Fecal Incontinence

Managing incontinence in general can be a challenging, embarrassing, and overwhelming task.

However, managing fecal incontinence is a very different challenge than urinary incontinence. It is not just a matter of finding the right adult diaper for the person, it means addressing physical, social, and emotional concerns. <p >In many cases caregivers may be taking care of a person who is not be ambulatory or suffers from Alzheimer’s or other major issue. Managing fecal incontinence means being concerned with the person’s dignity, skin health as well as concerns like avoiding cross contamination of germs. These challenges become only more complex when you consider that the person may not be coherent or may be belligerent. For all these reasons, and more, managing fecal incontinence is difficult. However, having the best adult diapers to help manage fecal incontinence can take a burden off, and make the task far less overwhelming. How would you define the “best” adult diapers for managing fecal incontinence? A great deal of adult diaper selection is a matter of personal preference, however, you also need a product that will protect and absorb, allow the skin to breath as much as possible, and be discreet as to allow dignity.

Because personal fit, needs, and preference play a pivotal role, it’s impossible to pick a single product that is ‘the best’. Therefore, we’ll review a few adult diapers that are preferred by both professional and family caregivers, who deal with fecal incontinence in patients or a loved one.

For mild fecal incontinence try pull-on underwear : these will offer moderate protection, and great discretion as they pull on like regular underwear. Here are some of the best options:

For moderate to severe fecal incontinence, opt for adult diapers or briefs, as they offer maximum absorbency with side barriers to protect against leakage

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The ATN Disposable Brief's superior absorption capacity gives you the confidence you deserve while saving you money

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Abena Abri-Form briefs are perhaps the finest adult diapers in the world.

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Tranquility adult diapers are a wonderful option to help keep fecal matter in the underwear. These products have leg gathers that keep the fecal matter in and also they include extra room in case you do end up having a large accident in public.  These diapers are also great at neutralizing odors as they help to prevent problems from being discrete. There are some special neutralizing PH chemicals in the adult diapers that help to keep others from smelling any odor that comes with fecal incontinence.  

Adult diapers are a great option for fecal incontinence. They will allow you to maintain your dignity as you work on strengthening the pelvic muscles and work on gaining control over your bowels again.
May 7, 2018
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