What Are The Most Absorbent Urinary Incontinence Pads For Women?

What Are The Most Absorbent Urinary Incontinence Pads For Women?

A question we are frequently asked is what are the most absorbent urinary incontinence pads for women? Is it Poise pads, TENA pads, Prevail pads or some other brand? 

The numbers and sizes of pads for urinary incontinence for women have grown tremendously. In the early days, Poise had only 2 sizes, now they have 11!  They keep getting bigger and bigger. The really big ones are called Ultimate pads and can be up to 16” long. The Poise pad line has absorbencies ranging from a pantiliner for incontinence to the Ultimate long size. 

The large pads are sometimes referred to as denial pads because some women are denying that they have an incontinence issue and would prefer to wear a pad than an adult diaper like product.

The CareGiver Partnership offers a range the most absorbent pads for urinary incontinence for women including Poise Maximum and Ultimate, Prevail Maximum and Ultimate and TENA Ultimate and Overnight. There are also very highly absorbent pads by Attends, Medline and Abena from Sweden.  We really like the new Prevail line up.  In lab tests, they actually performed better than Poise pads and they cost 1/3 less.  That is good value.  Check them out.  They are all made in the U.S.A. in PA.  

There are good reasons for a woman to choose the most absorbent urinary incontinence pads over a pull-on.  

  • The first is cost. The largest pads cost up to 40% less than pull-on underwear. 

  • Comfort. Pads are smaller and less occlusive. You won’t get as hot.  

  • Discretion. The largest pads are more discreet that the smallest pull-on underwear.  
  • Normalcy. Many women have been used to wearing pads since they were 12 years old. It’s much better than feeling like you’re wearing a diaper. Plus, you can tell people you’re wearing a pad, not a pull-on. You’re wearing Poise, not Depend. 
  • Dignity. You’ll feel better knowing that you’re normal. After all, one in three women experience what is referred to as LBL or light bladder leakage. The Poise spokesperson refers to it as ‘spritzing’.
May 9, 2018
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