Absorbency Plus fitted briefThese fantastic new briefs are designed exclusively by XP Medical and manufactured in the USA to our specifications. As far as I am aware, this is the first and only product of this type that was actually designed by an incontinent person.

Starting immediately, we are pleased to offer the following improvements to our lineup:

  1. Refastenable tapes. Easily open and refasten multiple times. This was our #1 request for improvement and we are super excited to bring it to you.
  2. Stronger side panels. The inner and outer layers of the side panels are now fully laminated for greater strength while maintaining comfort and flexibility
  3. New size Regular. This is a brand new size that is between our Medium and Large sizes. If you find yourself frequently between sizes (and we know that many do), this may be your answer.
  4. Improved core integrity. An improved glue application process helps hold the absorbent core more securely in place, greatly reducing clumping and core breakdown.
  5. More secure packaging. Handle holes have been removed from our outer cartons to improve protection of your privacy during shipping and delivery.

As before, we are offering two levels of absorbency to better suit different situations and needs.

Level 3 is a terrific mid to high-range brief, with performance similar to Tranquility ATN, Abena Super, or Molicare Super. The design objective for this product was to create an excellent all-around brief, with good absorbency, full coverage, 100% waterproof / odor-proof backing, strong tapes, and clean design.

Level 4 is a superior high-performance brief, with absorbency comparable to Abena X-Plus and Dry 24/7. The design objective for this product was provide confidence and security in the most demanding situations. It is thicker than the Level 3 and also includes an exclusive gel-center core to provide excellent skin dryness.

Made in USA All A+TM products are proudly manufactured in the USA.
Other notable features of our Absorbency Plus briefs include:

Absorbency Plus fitted brief
Clean, discreet style.
No stripes, logos or decorations.
Light blue wetness indicator disappears when wet.
Absorbency Plus full mat diapers
Silky smooth plastic cover.
Comfortable. Effective. Completely waterproof.
Absorbency Plus full mat diapers
Full mat absorbency.
Security regardless of position or activity.
Absorbency Plus adult diapers
Strong performance, two available weights.
Confident protection day or night.
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