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At XP Medical, we take great pride in providing the very best bladder control pads for men and women. Whether you are looking for a basic incontinence pad, male guard, or booster pad, XP Medical is sure to have you covered. With a wide array of absorbency levels, shapes, and sizes, we ensure that we will have the perfect fit for you.

Why Should I Wear A Bladder Control Pad?

  • If you suffer from urinary incontinence
  • If you want a discreet and comfortable solution
  • If you lead an active lifestyle and don’t want to bother with the bulk of a regular Adult Diaper

Bladder control pads are great solutions to urinary adult incontinence and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For example, at XP Medical we offer Seni Shaped Pads for both overnight and daytime use, which are anatomically designed to ensure that you remain comfortable. The Abena Abri-Man Formula 1 Guards are created specifically for men, so they offer added protection in the front.

Why Should I Wear A Booster Pad?

  • If you would like to upgrade your current adult diaper or pullup brief
  • If you are experiencing heavy and sudden gushes of urine that cause your adult diaper or pull-on to overflow
  • If you enjoy your current tabbed brief or pull-on and don’t want to change products for a higher absorbency level

Booster pads are incredibly important pieces of incontinence supplies, as they allow users to upgrade their existing pull-on incontinence underwear or adult diapers by inserting the super absorbent pads inside. The LiveAnew XL and 2XL Booster Pads, are great options and allow users to have much more absorbent briefs for heavy urinary or light bowel incontinence.

Here at XP Medical, we understand that it can be a daunting task to find the best Bladder Control Pads for Adult Incontinence products, so do not hesitate to call our wonderful support team at (1-877-416-7696) or go to our Sizing Guide and Absorbency Guide pages to find your perfect fit.

XP Medical cares, offering free shipping on all cases, and shipping your incontinence products in discreet packages so your privacy is protected at all times.

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