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I've become increasingly more incontinent (urinary) over the past four years so I have sought out advice from several individuals and incontinence product suppliers. None has been more "spot-on" or helpful than Gary Evans. In short, he fixed me up with the right combination of products that allowed me to sleep soundly through the night. I have also consulted him on other ancillary issues which he solved for me straight away. I cannot sing his praises loudly enough for he has taken the time to help me in every single instance! I am very grateful. 

I ordered the dry 24/7's because I had tried the abena molicare and a few others and as they did work but they had small errors like a bit too tight or sometimes poor tabs. These are a lot better and at a great price too. The other wonderful thing is that they are made in the good old usa. I ordered them on a Wednesday evening and they got here early Saturday morning at around 9:30 am. Also I had a question about my order and when I called in Gary the CEO actually answered the phone out of the people who work there. That shows they care about the customers and honestly I think that a lot more companies should do that. I give thanks not only to the manufacturer of the dry 24/7 but to xp medical for a great product and really fast shipping. 

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with your company. Your shipping is fast and discreet. You have excellent customer service and I know I can order my incontinent supplies with full confidence of confidentiality. I also know I will receive professional treatment from you and your staff. I also wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the new Confidry 24/7. I suffer fecal incontinence and the Confidry 24/7 is the only diaper I wear now. I didn't think it possible, but the Confidry is better than the Abena L4's I have been using. The nice thing about the 24/7 is, due to its incredible absorbency, I have some choice on when and where I change. I can pick a more private changing location rather than a multi stall public restroom and get on with my day. The heavy plastic backing on the Confidry helps contain the odor longer giving me more time to find a discreet place change. I would not be as comfortable or confident wearing diapers in public with out your company and the products you offer. I am as active now as I have ever been and I'm not going to let my diaper slow me down. Before I accepted my need for diapers, I was a virtual shut in and refused to go out in public. A very supportive wife and family and your company are the reasons I am able to go out in public with confidence. I wish I would have learned of your company sooner. It would have saved me much trial, error and embarrassment. Again, thank you for your excellent company and products. 

I have purchased from this site on several occasions, and have been very pleased with the efficiency of the shipping, the prices of the products, and the quality of the products. This site contains some of the best adult diapers you could ask for. The products themselves are absorbent, long-lasting, and no faults are found. I particularly am a fan of the Abena M4's, which prices are the best on the internet. The Abenas are also the best absorbent undergarments that I've ever tried, I can always count on them. Overall, I am highly pleased with this site's efficiency and will continue to buy for my personal needs. 
-C .B.

My husband of 40 years died recently of metastatic prostate cancer. He also suffered from overactive bladder which caused incontinence and eventually progressed to complete urinary retention requiring an indwelling Foley catheter. When he was still in the early stages of OAB, he used the common drugstore brands of incontinence underwear which leaked, did a poor job of controlling odor and were uncomfortable. Then we discovered your wonderful company and the high quality products you so carefully select. During the progression of his urinary problems he tried several of your products eventually settling on the Abri Flex pull up briefs combined with booster pads.
These fit well, were comfortable and did an excellent job of odor control. We ordered all of these by the case. Shipping was always very fast. In fact, your personalized service was consistently exceptional and any questions or concerns we had received a prompt, personal email reply. Yours is truly an exceptional company that provides unique products of the highest quality in the shortest possible time at a reasonable cost.
Thank you for everything you have done over the years to help my husband. 
Gratefully, S.L.

Hi Gary...just wanted to say I'm so pleased with your new Absorbency Plus adult diapers. I wear the medium size in the #4 style. They are very comfortable and last me 6 to 8 hours between changings. These are absolutely the most absorbent diapers I have ever tried. Thanks again for a great diaper, great customer service and quick deliveries. Sincerely, G.S.

I have been ordering from you for several years now. Before I found your online store, I thought I'd be house bound indefinitely due to my disability, and the (((assumed))) lack of quality products available at local stores. Once I found you I ordered my first pack of Abena I was blown away!!! Not only do I save money because I rarely need to change the diaper, but I have NEVER had a leak, nighttime or daytime since I've been ordering from you. No more bed sheet changes at night!! Less laundry. I can now enjoy outings with NO worries about leaks or not having an extra diaper to change. Thanks for gaining me my freedom back. Forever grateful, R.W.

I have bought my supplies from another company, and just wasn't impressed. Every month they will badger me for their business, flood my mail box with catalogs, and they will even call me to ask me how my products are working for me. When I buy my incontinence supplies, I want desecrate shipping, no spam main, no catalogs shipped to me. You will continue to have my business. Thank You for your awesome customer service! 

First I want to SUPER THANK YOU! For excellent product, SUPER ROCKET FAST SHIPPING ALLL THE WAY HERE TO ALASKA, when usually takes a month to get here. It is the BEST DIAPERS I EVER HAD. [É.] the best thing about this product, they are not giving back any water which trapped in them, so conclusion is? True safe diapers for using anywhere in the world! Will not leak on side or back on you. Will buy more 100% satisfied: I JUST SIMPLY IN LOVE THEY DRY 24/7

I just wanted to thank your company for the incredible service and the speedy delivery of your product from an order I placed recently. I was diagnosed with PTSD which caused nocturnal enuresis. I ordered the Abena M1, and it's made my life so much easier! Thank you again for a great company. 

There is only one word I can say about XP-Medical, and that is AWESOME!!!!!!!! That's right AWESOME! XP-Medical was very understanding of my needs and very helpful. Another major plus for them is that they offer to sell sample packs of their products, so you can try them before you buy something that would not work for you. Their prices are very good and the products they offer are excellent as well. I ended up getting the Abena Abri-Form Original X-Plus (L4) in size Large. This diaper (brief) is the best I have ever used period! And I have been wearing diapers for over 20 years!. I am totally disabled and have total loss of bowel and bladder, I do go heavy. But with this brand having the extra absorbency and inner leg cuffs, with 4 tape tabs, made it a perfect fit for me and easily contained both with no leaks! I was using a diaper with a large diaper doubler and a pair plastic pants over that, as well as a waterproof mattress cover. Just so I would not leak in the middle of the night. This was very costly for me having to buy a diaper and a diaper doubler and plastic pants, but with the Abena Abri-Form Original X-Plus (L4) diaper (brief) my worries were gone! I no longer had to buy a diaper and diaper doubler to use at the same time. This alone saved me a great deal of money and worries. I no longer worry about leaking and wetting the bed or the furniture. I did not have to even worry about a leak during the day while out in public either. I want to thank Gary for offering such a great product and service to those who need this type of product. You have a long time customer in me, because I know you are helpful, kind, and offer great prices and fast delivery. Thanks again.......

I have tried the Abri-formx-plus in the large size and I am totally floored. It beats any other diaper out there that I have tried. I now have found the product that I have always been looking for. Thank you.

I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I am very pleased at the service that I have received for your company. I have placed many orders in the past and i just wanted to say thank you. I don't often order products online unless it is from a very well known company and I have to say that your service has been fantastic.

I take care of my 80 year old mother with Alzheimer's. She wears diapers provided by her insurance coverage during the day as a back-up plan. We take her to the bathroom every 2-3 [hours] during the day; however, we can not maintain that schedule during the evening as I have to work. I used to set my alarm for 2:00 each morning to take her to the bathroom... but then it was very difficult to get back to sleep, and I was tired every day at work. (This went on for over a year). I thought about hiring evening help, but really can't afford it. I thought to myself... if I could just find a more absorbent diaper, both my mom and I could get a good night's rest. I researched the internet for "most adsorbent adult diaper" and got several leads. After reading the reviews, I decided to try the Abena Abri-Form Air Plus Brief. I purchased one package at first to try them out. I was SO PLEASED. I put a diaper on my mom at 10:00 pm. At 6:00 am diaper was wet (of course), but her skin, clothes and bed were not. I then purchased four more packagesŠI can't even begin to explain what a difference these diapers have made in my and my mom's life. I will definitely continue to purchase them.

Dear Gary thank you for a great website. I really am thankful to you for giving me back my dignity. The ability to go out and work. Wonderful products those Abri form Xplus. Great shipping one parcel even arrived a day early!

All this time, I've been buying Depends. Andmost mornings, I was frustrated by the fact that my diaper had sprung a leak at some point during the night. Then, one day, I got on the internet and found your web site. The Abena Abri-Form Super's -- which I will be buying from you on a regular basis from here on -- are infinitely superior to Depends, in my opinion. Now I can go to sleep without having to worry about what condition my mattress will be in when I wake up. Thank you very much!

I would just like to personaly thank you for offering your services. XP Medical is my number one choice for buying the diapers I need. The brands in the local stores around here (such as Depend) just don't cut it and are unsatisfactory. Ever since I discovered your website I have gone no where else. I used to buy Attends from your website. Then one day I thought I would try the Abena Abri-Form X-Plus.. And I have never looked back. That is by far the best diaper I have ever used. It overwhelms the competition in all areas. Comfort, Absorbency, Leakage protection.. I also love your discreet shipping. Only having the first part of your company name "XP" on the fedex label is the greatest idea. Other people have no idea what is really inside the package. Once again I thank you for offering your services.

I don't know how to thank you enough! The order arrived quickly (I did not expect FedEx!) and my mother is so pleased with the quality. As we care for her mother and my grandmother, it is nice to know that we can locate items that we need quickly and efficiently. 
In addition, an error appeared on my final statement over the internet. Your company not only corrected the error, but it did not delay the delivery. I look forward to placing orders in the future with your reliable and dependable company. 
If you ever add a place for customer comments on your website in the future, please be sure to express my complete satisfaction....thank you again. 
Best regards, 

I cannot begin to explain how pleased I am with Abena's Abri-Form X-Plus diaper. Being as active as I am it's not always easy for me to find private places to change, especially when with friends who do not know I wear diapers! The comfort and absorbency of Abri-Forms blow my mind. 

I just wanted to take the time to say how amazed I am with the Abri-Form X-Plus I just ordered. I honestly could not believe that an adult diaper could fit so comfortably, yet be so safely absorbent. I am used to diapers that are uncomfortable, yet leaky, that I cannot trust. I am so glad to have found such a superior product that gives me the freedom to go and do w/out checking and worrying about leaks.

I have used XP Medical many times and want to say that for service, quality and price you'd be hard pressed to find a better company to deal with. Gary is very friendly and makes sure that you are happy with your experience. My orders have always arrived very quickly and discreetly. In this day and age of the internet and being able to shop anywhere, the most important thing a company has to sell is cutomer satisfaction. Gary gets it. Thanks Gary!

I just received my order for AbriForm Medium XPlus they have given me the freedom that I have been looking for, I am not always able to change as needed but using your product gives me the extra time to find a place with privicy. Thank You.

I just want to say "Thank You." Again, you do provide a top notch service. I felt very comfortable throughout the entire process. I will certainly come back to XP Medical for all my future needs.

Hi, I received my order the other day. I want to thank you for your quick shipping. I am using the Abena Medium X-Plus for overnight and times when I can not change as often as needed. They do not leak and are comfortable even when wet.

I will definitely recommend you to those who ask, you guys have great service, and excellent pricing. I will definitely be coming back in the future for any other needs I may have. Thank you for your kind service and prompt answers :-).

My Abena order arrived today. Great service. Thanks for making these products available at a fair price!

I really was pleased with the [pull-ups] product ordered....they are quieter to move in than other brands, which makes it more private and personal. I will be ordering more in the future. Many thanks.

First of all, thanks for the quick and thorough reply. You have excellent service. When I ordered my sample pack before, it arrived amazingly fast.

I am very pleased with the product assortment that you offer and the pricing and shipping on cases. I look forward to ordering again in the future and will recommend your site to friends.

Thank you for the transaction and I look forward to using your busniess in the future (used it in the past and was very happy) thanks again.

I've gotta say, your products are awesome. I just spent an entire day snowboarding. Usually, when I do this with my regular briefs, I get bunching, and tapes slip off, and leaks happen, just over all not a great time. Today however, was great. Using one of the Abri-Wings, I went all day, no bunching, no slipped tapes, no leaks. The changes were quicker and more descreet than ever. I can't say enough to express how much better your diapers have made my life. 

Thank you for the great service you provide. Everytime I order my diapers from your company I get them well within the 2-3 weeks [to Canada] that are expected. Usually I get my order in just over a week. I also appreciate the fact that you send your products in plain packaging so that I am not embarrassed when I receive the product. I have been looking for the perfect adult diaper to serve my needs and I believe that the Attends 10 do just that. The waistband and leg bands are a godsend as they make the diaper fit much nicer than some other brands of diapers on the market.

I've finally recieved my first order from you and I am very satisfied. The products are top notch, and prices are excellent. Whenever I had a question it was answered promptly and accurately. Great product and great service. I look forward to purchasing from you again. Thank you.

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