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Recent Updates :

Incredible pricing on Seni Active Pullups

In an age of ever increasing prices, we are always thrilled when we are able to reduce prices over time. Today we are pleased to announce that we have secured much better pricing on all sizes of Seni Active pullups. Case prices have dropped and incredible $14 per case, from and old price of $89.95, to the new price of just $75.95. As always, full case orders include free FedEx ground shipping in the lower 48 states.

If you have not yet tried these pullups, we highly recommend them. They are made in Europe to exacting standards. The unique construction method of the inner absorbent core ensures that it remains completely water proof towards the outside while allowing great absorbency combined with the softest and most comfortable outer shell that we have ever seen on a pullup. This is truly a top notch product and a terrific value at this price.

#S-SM22-AP1 - Seni Active Small
Fits 22 to 33" waist/hips

Sample of 3 - $6.95
Pack of 22 - $19.95
Case of 88 - $75.95
#S-ME20-AP1 - Seni Active Medium
Fits 31 to 43" waist/hips

Sample of 3 - $6.95
Pack of 20 - $19.95
Case of 80 - $75.95
#S-LA18-AP1 - Seni Active Large
Fits 39 to 53" waist/hips

Sample of 3 - $6.95
Pack of 18 - $19.95
Case of 72 - $75.95
#S-XL14-AP1 - Seni Active XL
Fits 47 to 63" waist/hips

Sample of 3 - $6.95
Pack of 14 - $19.95
Case of 56 - $74.95

Save big on our remaining stock of Tena Slip Maxi. 30% off full cases - limited to stock on hand.

#212024 - Tena Slip Maxi
Plastic center with cloth-like wings
Ships from Michigan

Sample of 3 - $6.95
Pack of 24 - $36.95
Case of 72 - $87.95
#212124 - Tena Slip Maxi
New Old stock - ALL plastic with taping panel
Ships from California

Sample of 3 - $6.95
Pack of 24 - $39.95
Case of 72 - $118.95

In stock, at a great price: ConfiDry Dry 24/7 Maximum Absorbency

Dry 24/7 Adult Diapers ConfiDry 24/7 are our most absorbent adult diapers. A lot of products toss around the words "Maximum Absorbency" without much to back up their claims, but the 24/7 really delivers. By using only the best quality absorbent materials and generous amounts of padding throughout, the ComfiDry 24/7 brief is designed and tested to hold up to an incredible 95 ounces in usable capacity.

After a year of absence, Dry 24/7 is now back in production, and better than ever. New front and rear waistbands and higher leak guards round out an already excellent product. This brief is intended for those situations that require the highest levels of protection and skin dryness.

In addition to incredible absorbency, they also offer a number of other great features including:

  • Elastic waistband at front and rear
  • Full-length standing leak guards
  • Four refastenable dual-layer tapes
  • Sturdy tear-resistant plastic outer shell
  • Discreet plain white coloring. No colors, stripes or other embarrassing markings.

Please note that the sizing on this product is different than most other incontinence products. They are larger and have a more generous cut in all sizes. Please double-check your measurements before ordering. If you have been using another brand such as Abena or Molicare and find the sizing a bit too snug, the Dry 24/7 should work perfectly for you.

Sizing Guide

All orders ship in 100% plain packaging
Case prices include free ground shipping in the contiguous USA

Size Small
Fits 24 to 34" waist/hips
Size Medium
Fits 32 to 44" waist/hips
Size Large
Fits 40 to 65" waist/hips
#247-S - Small ConfiDry 24/7
Maximum Absorbency

Sample of 3 - $6.95
Pack of 18 - $30.95
Half_Case of 36 - $59.95
Case of 72 - $105.95
divider line Dry24/7-Medium-MaxAbsorbency
#247-M - Medium ConfiDry 24/7
Maximum Absorbency

Sample of 3 - $6.95
Pack of 18 - $32.95
Half_Case of 36 - $61.95
Case of 72 - $107.95
divider line Dry24/7-Large-MaxAbsorbency
#247-L - Large ConfiDry 24/7
Maximum Absorbency

Sample of 3 - $6.95
Pack of 18 - $32.95
Half_Case of 36 - $62.95
Case of 72 - $109.95

Quality booster inserts made in the USA

Adult Diaper Booster Made in USA These fantastic booster inserts (aka "diaper doublers") are made right here in the USA. We are carrying them in Regular, XL and the positively amazing 2XL size. They can be used to effectively increase the capacity of just about any absorbent garment. They are designed to 'flow through' to allow the booster and underlying product to work together to absorb more and perform better.

The regular booster will fit and work well in any of the products we sell, including both pullups and briefs. The XL and 2XL boosters are larger and have a contoured shape that provide additional coverage in the front and rear wings.

All three boosters have an adhesive strip to stay securely in place.

#58225 - Regular Booster
4 x 12 inches
With adhesive strip

Pack of 24 - $10.95
Case of 144 - $55.95
#19500 - XL Booster
10 x 20 inches overall
With adhesive strip

Sample of 3 - $6.95
Pack of 12 - $9.95
Case of 72 - $54.95
#19800 - 2XL Booster
11 x 27 inches overall
With adhesive strip

Sample of 3 - $6.95
Pack of 10 - $15.95
Case of 80 - $67.95

Celebrating 10 years of online incontinence product sales

Since 2003 we have specialized only in incontinence products.

In honor of our 10 year anniversary, we have ten reasons to choose XP Medical and also thought it would be fun to write a brief history of XP Medical.

4care Bodystockings

4care Bodystockings 4care bodystockings are made in Europe of a durable stretch cotton for comfort and long life. There are an excellent replacement for the Abena bodystockings that were discontinued last year. They offer a very similar construction and the high quality you would expect from a European product.

They slip over the head just like an undershirt. Three stainless steel snaps at the crotch fasten securely to provide support, yet allow easy fitting and access for changes. Also known as body suits, they are ideal for:

  • Holding incontinence products securely comfortably in place.
  • Improving the performance of pads and diapers by keeping the absorbent core close to the body.
  • Preventing tapes from coming unstuck or snagging on bedding or clothing.
  • Keeping patients from tampering with incontinence products.

White is our standard color, but we also have a limited supply of these bodystockings in a very nice navy blue fabric as shown below (click to enlarge)

4care Bodystocking Colors

4care Body Stocking

Size Fits Waist Qty Price Add to cart
Small 24 to 32 inches Package of 1 $29.95
Medium 28 to 37 inches Package of 1 $29.95
Large 32 to 43 inches Package of 1 $29.95
X-Large 36 to 48 inches Package of 1 $29.95

Updated diaper tests and reviews now posted.

Diaper Test and ReviewWe have several new products back from testing and the results have been added to our comprehensive diaper test page. Items tested in this round include:
  • Attends Extended Wear
  • Abena Abri-Form Extra
  • Abena Delta-Form
See the diaper test page for full results. There were some surprisingly good performers among the group.

By popular request: Discreet Shipping on all orders.

Our regular customers know that we have had discreet shipping on most of our items since 2003. But now we are making things even better: All orders placed though our web site now ship in discreet packaging.
Always plain boxes
No need to worry about nosy neighbors, rude roommates or inquisitive in-laws. And since we use only our initials on the address label, the word "medical" does not appear anywhere on the box. You can see full details and find out more about our shipping polices on our shipping page

Trip Report: Tour of the Abena factory

Forming the absorbent core In summer 2005, we were invited to visit the Abena factory in Aabenraa, Denmark. We were treated to great hospitality from the people at Abena. They took great pride in showing us their factory and were kind enough to allow me to take some photos of the manufacturing line.

So, without further ado, I present to you our very own virtual tour of Abena's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. It is an impressive place, and the level of automation and attention to detail are second to none.

I would also like to thank the many customers who have sent comments, suggestions and yes, even complaints to us over the years. We do listen to all of them and we had the opportunity to share them with Abena as well.

We are going solar!

Solar PanelWe are pleased to report that we have purchased a 2kW solar electric system that will be has been installed on our rooftop. This system will provide pollution-free electricity to run our lights, servers and equipment for decades to come. Not only does this help reduce dependence on fossil fuels but it will also produce a dramatic reduction in our electric bills! This is one of those great occasions where business sense and environmental care can work hand-in-hand.

Update: The system is installed and works wonderfully. So far it is easily producing more power than we consume each month!