Booster pads are designed to be used with other incontinence products in order to give you the most protection possible. They are made to be worn in conjunction with our belted underwear, protective undergarments, pull-on briefs, and adult diapers, to name a few. They should not be worn in place of bladder control pads or liners within your own underwear as they don't have a waterproof backing; therefore, they should only be worn with other incontinence products and not on their own.

Booster pad inserts (also known as doublers) are an economical and effective way to increase the capacity of any absorbent product.

We offer them in 3 brands and multiple levels of absorbency from moderate to extremely heavy.  The LiveAnew boosters come in XL and 2XL for the ultimate absorption.

Size comparison - Abri-Let Normal, Anatomic and Maxi:
Abena Abri-Let Comparison

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