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Adult Diaper Review and Testing

In an ongoing effort to help our customers choose the right product, we have done extensive testing on the products we carry. Below you will find information on the dimensions, absorbency, test results and a brief review of each product.

Curious about how we got these numbers? Read a brief introduction and details of our testing methods

Entries are sorted by total capacity from left to right. Best in class numbers are highlighted where applicable.

Attends w/ Waistband Abena Abri-Wing Molicare Comfort Super Molicare SuperPlus Abena Abri-Form M2 Super Attends Extended Wear Abena AbriForm M3 Extra Absorbency Plus Level 3 Abena DeltaForm M3 Abena Abri-Form M4 X-Plus Absorbency Plus Level 4 Dry 24/7 Max. Absorbency
Picture Attends Abri-Wing Molicare Super Molicare Super-Plus Abena Super Attends Extended Wear Abena Abri-Form Extra Absorbency Plus Level 3 Abena Delta-Form M3 Abena X-Plus Absorbency Plus Level 4 Dry 24/7 Max Absorbency
Size testedMediumMediumMediumMediumMediumMediumMediumMediumMediumMediumMediumMedium
Backing Dimensions (inches)
Padding Dimensions (inches)
Dry thickness0.
Wet thickness0.
# of tapes6NA4444444444
Elastic leg cuffsYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Leak guardsNoYesYesYesYesNoYesNoYesYesNoYes
Elastic waistbandFront + RearFront+RearNoNoRearNoNoNoNoNoNoFront+Rear
Country of ManufactureUSADenmarkFranceFranceDenmarkUSADenmarkUSADenmarkDenmarkUSAUSA
Initial Wetting Test
Acquisition Rate12.9 oz/min3.8 oz/min5.5 oz/min7.3 oz/min4.6 oz/min5.8 oz/min2.6 oz/min3.2 oz/min2.9 oz/min4.6 oz/min1.8 oz/min2.1 oz/min
Initial capacity (1)14 oz.34 oz.40 oz.38 oz.46 oz.54 oz58oz.56oz.64 oz.65 oz.84 oz.91 oz.
Wicking distance10 in.12 in.13.5 in.18 in.10.5 in13.511.5 in13 in.13 in.16 in.15.5 in.14 in.
Press-out< 0.5 oz.1 oz.2 oz.1 oz.0 oz.< 0.5 oz.< 0.50.51 oz.< 0.5 oz.< 0.5 oz.< 0.5 oz.
2nd Wetting Test
2nd wet capacity4 oz.4 oz.4 oz.8 oz.4 oz.5 oz.4 oz.8 oz.8 oz.10 oz.2 oz.4 oz.
Press-out< 0.5 oz.1 oz.1 oz.< 0.5 oz.< 0.5 oz.< 0.5 oz.1 oz.1 oz.1.5 oz1 oz.< 0.5 oz.1 oz
Total capacity (2)18 oz.38 oz.44 oz.46 oz.50 oz.59 oz.62 oz.64 oz.72 oz.75 oz.86 oz.95 oz.
Cost per brief (3)$0.76$1.33$1.09$1.41$1.02$1.47$1.01$1.17$1.25$1.43$1.39$1.65
Cost per ounce of absorbency (3)4.2 ¢3.5 ¢2.5 ¢3.1 ¢2.0 ¢2.5 ¢1.6 ¢1.8 ¢1.7 ¢1.9 ¢1.6 ¢1.7 ¢
Model Attends w/ Waistband Abena Abri-Wing Molicare Comfort Super Molicare SuperPlus Abena Abri-Form M2 Super Attends Extended Wear Abena AbriForm M3 Extra Absorbency Plus Level 3 Abena DeltaForm M3 Abena Abri-Form M4 X-Plus Absorbency Plus Level 4 Dry 24/7 Max. Absorbency
Comments Attends have a unique square leg cut that looks odd but is very comfortable for most people. Great padding coverage, double waistbands and six tapes make this a long-standing favorite where discreetness and comfort are priorities. The Abri-Wing performed admirably in our test. Although no thicker than Attends, it absorbed almost twice as much liquid. Cost per ounce is about average, which is surprising considering the additional cost of the velcro fasteners. The Molicare super was the surprise of the test, offering incredible capacity in a very slim brief. Heavy 'gel' construction makes it slow to absorb, but the performance is good nonetheless. No surprises here - the Molicare SuperPlus performs very well, as it should. The generous paper pulp + gel construction makes it a champ at wicking; allowing more of the padding to be utilized before needing to be changed. Another strong performer from Abena. The Super offers very good capacity in a much thinner package than the X-Plus. Cost per ounce is among the best, and press-out performance is outstanding. Although a bit expensive per piece, the Attends extended wear proves it self as the most absorbent made-in-USA product we have tested to date. High capacity brings the cost per ounce absorbed in line with other premium adult diapers. The Abena Abri-From Extra slots into the Abena lineup between the Super and X-Plus. Although it takes a bit longer to absorb, nonetheless holds nearly as much as the X-Plus without the extra initial bulk. The Absorbency Plus Level 3 moves into our test results with a very respectabel performance. A faster than average acquisition rate and good wicking performance make this a great choice for heavy incontinence. Abena's value line certainly does not skimp on performance. Although the Delta lacks the waistband of the X-plus and gives up some press-out performance, it nonetheless runs neck and neck with the x-plus for absorbency, at a lower cost. Still one of the best adult diapers on the market, The Abena X-Plus brings absorbency in a big way. Soaking up over 1/2 gallon of liquid, it actually emptied our test container, yet under the weight of 150 lbs. just 1 ounce of liquid was forced back out. Available in both "original" plastic and newer Air Plus styles, this has been our most popular product for several years now. The new Absorbency Plus Level 4 takes its place near the top. 86 ounces is unmatched by just about every other product. This incredible absorbency combined with very low press out and loest cost per ounce make a great all around performer. The new Dry 24/7 is back, slightly improved, and still calms the title of "most absorbent adult diaper". 95 ounces is unmatched by any product we have ever tested (and we test a lot). This incredible absorbency combined with low press out make a great all around performer. Note that the sizing on the Dry 24/7 is larger than the others, which may work for some people and not for others.
  1. Capacity is measured by applying water to the center of the diaper thru a 1/8" opening. See our testing methodology for a full description of this and other tests.
  2. Total capacity = Initial capacity + Rewet Capacity.
  3. Cost per brief and cost per ounce are based on case prices.