New Seni Incontinence Products - Ideal for Familiy Caregivers

July 23, 2018

New Seni Incontinence Products - Ideal for Familiy Caregivers

Offering what caregivers have been asking for...

Many studies indicate caregivers report feeling high levels of stress about finding the right incontinence supplies for the loved one in their care. They find they are forced to purchase items from several different brands of incontinence supplies in a trial and error mode since no single brand offers everything they need. This means traveling from store or shopping multiple websites which is time most caregivers simply don’t have. Now, there is no need to do this. There is a new line of professional grade super premium incontinence supplies offering everything a caregiver might need. 

Seni incontinence products from Europe
Manufactured by TZMO in Poland. Since 1951, TZMO has been manufacturing personal care products such as Seni incontinence as well as feminine hygiene, baby diapers and a wide range of disposable medical products. These products are now found in 80 countries. The Seni incontinence product line includes: briefs and pull-on underwear in multiple sizes and absorbencies, underpads for day and night use while changing in bed or sitting on chairs.  There are also washcloths to keep skin clean and fresh.

    • Seni incontinence products come in more sizes than Depend. Professionals at long term care facilities have known for years the right fit in a adult diaper or other incontinence product means better protection against leakage and accidents. It is also more cost effective.  If you use a product larger than you need, its a waste.  Approximately 80% of leaks occur in the rear buttocks area which means the fit needs to be precise. Seni incontinence supplies come in two times more sizes and absorbencies then the leading brand of incontinence products briefs. This means there is no need to settle for an substandard fit when you can find exactly the size your loved one needs for protection against leaks. Keep in mind a well fitting incontinence products also saves money since it means less changes and using smaller, just right fitting product.
    • Seni briefs come in both day and night absorbencies. One of the major issues of managing incontinence is finding the right absorbency. Not all incontinence is the same. While some users of incontinence products have only moderate needs for absorbency others will need the heaviest protection available. In addition, many caregivers want a more absorbent incontinence product at night to limit the chances of having to change their loved one during nighttime hours. 

      Seni incontinence products are available in two absorbency levels which means you can choose the right level that fits your loved one’s needs. Many caregivers alternate between day and night. Seni pull-on underwear are also offered in two absorbencies and 4 sizes. The leading brand Depend is only available in one absorbency and two sizes.
      With Seni you get customized protection and sizing. You can save money by using a ‘just right’ size and absorbency.  Plus Seni pull-on underwear cost 30% to 40% less than Depend.  Why?  There is no advertising. 
    • Seni incontinence products are designed for sensitive skin. One of the biggest challenges of managing incontinence is skin health. Caregivers often find this to be an ongoing challenge for the loved one in their care. This is especially true if the senior has limited mobility. When caregivers use Seni incontinence products they can be assured they are using an adult diaper or other incontinence product which has been designed with a super absorbent core which locks in moisture away from delicate skin. In addition, each Seni incontinence product has thousands of microscopic pores which means vapor flows in out, while moisture stays locked deep inside keeping skin healthy and dry. 

However, even when you have an idea of what incontinence products you are looking for it can still be overwhelming. That’s why our Care Team is here for you.  Call us 1-888-485-2268
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