Adult Diapers That Do Not Show Under Clothing

May 15, 2018

Adult Diapers That Do Not Show Under Clothing

Despite the fact that nearly 200 million people worldwide suffer from some degree of incontinence, no one wants to advertise the fact that they wear adult diapers. But how can you get the protection you need without your adult diapers being obvious to those around you? The following are five suggestions for selecting adult diapers that won’t show under clothing, as well as some great product suggestions to get you started. 

Tip one: Consider absorbency and odor control. 
No one wants their adult diapers to show, but worse is springing a leak, or having it smell as though you are wearing a diaper. When looking for an adult diaper that can be word discreetly, consider how much absorbency you need, and look for options that provide maximum absorbency and odor control. 

Tip two: Look for a slim side profile. 

Adult diapers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some are designed specifically for total incontinence, overnight wear, and are more about function then discretion. If you are not homebound, and want to be able to wear your adult diaper out and about without drawing attention to the fact that you are wearing it, look for a discreet fit by choosing something with a slim side profile. 

Tip three: Consider what it is made of. 

Even if the diaper is slim, and not recognizable under clothing, if it crinkles and makes noise with every step, it is sure to give you away. Look for options that are made of soft, quiet cloth-like fabrics, not vinyl or plastic. For those with heavy incontinence that need a waterproof plastic barrier, look for one that is lined on both sides with other material to help muffle any noise it may make when you move. 

Tip four: A good fit. 

The best way to get an adult diaper to not show under your clothing, and not give you away other ways is to get something that fits right. Look for options such as an elastic waistband for flexibility, and a fit similar to that of real underwear. When in doubt, order a sample and try before you buy.

Tip five: Look for function and extra protection.

Nothing will give you away faster than leaking. Look for adult diapers that not only look great under clothing, but function great as well. Consider something with leg elastics for leak protection, a super absorbency core, and more. 

Seni shaped pads are highly absorbent yet discreet pads for management of moderate to heavy incontinence.

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