Best Way to Hide An Adult Diaper

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May 11, 2018

200 Million people worldwide suffer from bladder control. Most men and women do not like admitting to this problem. It is potentially embarrassing. So much so that men wait and average of 4.2 years after their first bladder control experience before seeing a healthcare professional, and women wait 6.5 years. Being able to get the protection needed without wearing a big bulky, obvious adult diaper can seem overwhelming. The CareGiver Partnership offers these five tips for hiding adult diapers so that you can enjoy daily living without fear of potential embarrassment: 

  •  Choose low profile products. Just as there are different levels of incontinence, there are different products designed to meet the needs of those suffering incontinence. Select options that are designed to look and feel like real underwear while offering the protection in the most needed areas. At the CareGiver Partnership, we recommend Depend SilhouetteUnderwear for Women. They are low profile, offer maximum absorbency, are soft and quiet, and fit well for great leak protection. We also recommend Depend Real Fit for Men, which offers the normalcy of real underwear with the protection of an incontinence product.
  • Have a method for disposal. Once you have the right products selected to fit your needs, it is important to have a dedicated method of disposal. No matter how well you hide your adult diapers under your clothes, if you do not have a way of disposing of them discreetly, you will be found out. Fresh Sacks, and Heaven Scent disposal bags are a great option for concealing soiled adult diapers, and preventing odor problems when disposing of them in a trash receptacle.
  • Choose clothing well. Despite the fact that many adult diapers are made from soft and quiet cloth-like fabric, and are designed with a slim side profile for a discreet fit, sheer, lightweight, and tight fitting clothing can still give you away. Choose clothing that will help draw attention away from the groin and bottom, and that will help conceal the adult diapers. Avoid clothing with a lot of stitching, “bling” etc. on the rear pockets, and anything that is too form fitting. 
  • Wear regular underwear over adult diapers. If you are going to be in a situation where someone may notice your underclothing, such as at the gym, it can be helpful to wear regular underwear over your adult diapers, or choose adult diapers that mimic the look and feel of real underwear. 
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