How to Conceal Your Adult Diapers When Out in Public

May 14, 2018

How to Conceal Your Adult Diapers When Out in Public

One concern of those with incontinence is how to discreetly wear their absorbent products out in public. A bulky diaper may do the trick for catching leaks, but it can also cause some embarrassment if it is noticeable. 

In the United States, an estimated 18 million people have daily urinary incontinence, and another 34 million feel the need to urinate with increasing urgency and frequency but manage to avoid accidents. One in four women have incontinence. And many elderly. This is a common problem, but that does not make it any less embarrassing to wear adult diapers out in public. 

So what can you do to conceal your adult diapers when in public to make incontinence less embarrassing, and have less impact on your day-to-day life? Consider the following:

1. Do you actually need a diaper? 

It used to be the only product available for adult incontinence was a diaper. Not any more. Now there are a wide variety of products on the market that can meet incontinence needs, protect against leaks, and offer discretion. A pad or guard may be all that is needed. An incontinence pad is far easier to change, to carry discreetly, and to wear than a diaper, so if it meets your absorbent needs, this could be the best option. 

You can talk to a product specialist to determine what product type might best fit your needs, and offer you both protection and discretion. Call or email our customer care team today -


2. What products could help with discretion? 

One of the big concerns is changing in public. Even if your product is discreetly hidden beneath clothes, and does not make a lot of noise, it can still be hard to change and dispose of discreetly. Again, a pad or guard makes this a little easier, but in addition to using products that are more easily concealed, are things like disposal bags that are discrete and scented. That way if there is not a garbage can, or a large enough can in the stall to dispose of the used product, you can dispose of it in the general bathroom can without it being too noticeable. Carrying some brown paper lunch sacks in your purse or backpack can help with this, making it easier to throw out a used adult diaper without it being too obvious what it is. 

3. Wear clothes that offer extra discretion. 

What you wear matters. If you wear pants that are too tight, and would show normal underwear, they are certain to show incontinence products. So consider lose fitting clothing, longer shirts that cover the bottom, and clothing with bold designs and dark colors to help disguise any bulk there may be.

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