How Tranquility diapers can make nights more comfortable while managing incontinence

July 17, 2018

How Tranquility diapers can make nights more comfortable while managing incontinence

One of the major challenges of managing incontinence is dealing with what happens at night. If the incontinence sufferer does not have adequate nighttime protection they often wake up in wet pajamas in a wet or soiled bed. Worse yet, the constant changing can be difficult for many people with incontinence. The bottom line is that this results in interrupted nighttime sleep. This means that many people with incontinence and their caregivers are often sleep deprived and suffer from the many problems that are associated with that. However, the good news is that is an incontinence product that can better protect those with incontinence at night and allow them to have a much better nights sleep. Here is what you need to know about how Tranquility diapers can make nights more comfortable while managing incontinence -

  • Tranquility diapers have the nighttime absorbency that is needed for a peaceful night’s sleep-The major problem that people with incontinence have at night is that they must get up several times to change their incontinence undergarment or adult diaper. Tranquility diapers are designed to provide a higher level of absorbency that allows the person with incontinence to sleep through the night. Worse then even the constant changing is if the incontinence undergarment does not provide the highest level of protection then the wearer wakes to find he or she has had an accident. Tranquility diapers provide the highest levels of absorbency along with a full rise waist panel that provide a better fit which also adds protection. In addition, each Tranquility diaper has inner leg cuffs that guard against leakage. If the wearer needs to change the Tranquility diaper at night each one has tear away sides for easy removal. The good news is that because of the high absorbency of Tranquility diapers the wearer can save money because fewer changes are needed.

  • Tranquility incontinence products offer other solutions that will help those with incontinence be able to sleep better-In addition to several different types of Tranquility diapers this line of incontinence products also offers Tranquility Topliner Booster incontinence pads that help to increase the capacity of the Tranquility diaper or incontinence undergarment. This increased capacity can not only increase the absorbency of the Tranquility diaper or brief but also helps to prevent leakage, accidents, and rashes that many people are more susceptible to at night. In addition, Tranquility also offers the Tranquility Under pad that has tape tabs on all four corners to hold the pad securely in place on bedding and furniture. This allows for another layer of protection while the person with incontinence is sleeping. It has been shown that the peach mat construction that is used in the Tranquility under pad has the highest levels of absorbency protection which also protects skin and reduces leakage and potential accidents.

  • Tranquility diapers are only one part of a nighttime incontinence management strategy-While using the right incontinence product is crucial to managing incontinence at nighttime it is not the only management strategy that you should try. Cutting back on liquids right before bed is necessary. In addition, dietary changes throughout the day can be helpful in managing nighttime incontinence. Spicy foods, citrus, items with caffeine, and anything else that you find makes your incontinence worse should be avoided in the hours before bedtime. Incontinence experts also recommend the practice of double voiding before bedtime. This can help to reduce the amount of urine that is in your balder and help you get a better night’s sleep. These tips coupled with your Tranquility diaper can help you to get the rest you need.

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