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February 28, 2018

Value Options- XP Medical

XP Medical promises to offer the best prices for online incontinence products. There is no middleman involved because we buy directly from the manufacturer, and we ship our products from our own warehouses. There are never any hidden costs involved and the savings are passed on to you. Because we keep our prices as low as possible for our customers, we believe each item you purchase offers added value for the top-quality incontinence products we offer at XP Medical.


Here are a few of our value options available to you with our adult briefs: Abena Delta Form 2, Attends Waistband Style and Attends Overnight Breathable Briefs, Molicare Slip Super Plus Briefs, and Tranquility ATN All-Through-The-Night Disposable Briefs.

Although we offer many other brands, these are some of our value options for incontinence products that will save you money while providing outstanding protection against leaks and odor.


If you prefer pull-on underwear, our value options include Attends Super Plus Pull-on Underwear and Seni Active Super Plus. Pull-on underwear for urinary incontinence or bowel incontinence are made just like regular underwear and are designed to be worn in the same way. They are perfect if you enjoy an active lifestyle and can be worn with any type clothing. Unlike adult briefs, shoes and clothing will need to be removed with pull-on incontinence products, but there are a few brands that feature tear -away sides for easier removal.


Incontinence pads and male guards will offer greater protection against wetness and odor than many people may think. In fact, bladder control pads and male guards can accommodate up to a large gush of fluid at one time, but will not provide protection from full bladder loss; you will need to opt instead for an adult brief or pull-on disposable underwear. XP Medical offers several highly absorbent pads that will save you money. Abena Abri-Let Normal, Abena Abri-Man Formula 1 Guards, Abena Abri-Man Formula 2 Guards, and Absorbency Plus (A+) Booster Pads Regular.


We also offer the Abena Abri-Fit Soft Cotton Fixing Pants and Abena Abri-Fit Mesh Fixing Pants that are designed to wear with pads in order to provide better protection from leaks and accidents. The Cotton Fixing Pants and Mesh Fixing Pants are unisex and are machine washable. They provide a body-close fit to ensure ultimate protection that you can count on while you carry out your routine schedule each day.  


These are just some of the name brands we have to offer at XP Medical that will save you money. You can further save by taking advantage of buying by the case for an even greater reduction in price, and we ship directly to your home or office in discreet boxes or packaging. 

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